Family members of the alleged 'Gremlins Gang' responded to Captain Clay Higgins viral video saying he should be fired for his remarks.

KATC aired an interview with the family members after a meeting was held in Abbeville to discuss Cpt. Clay Higgins comments that were made in a video that has now gone viral.

Coretta Williams is the mother of one of the accused gang members and says that her son is a human being—not the animal that Higgins described when he publicly addressed the gang members, telling them to come forward and turn themselves in for their alleged crimes.

Just as Mr. Higgins' mother feels that he's a human being and not an animal. It was uncalled for. It disgusts me, because someone that serves the public...someone with that magnitude to have such negative feelings towards the community that he is obligated to protect and serve did an injustice

Carolyn Boudreaux is a mother and a grandmother to some of the accused 'Gremlins Gang' members, suggesting that Higgins' tactics may be the reason they are on the run.

Maybe they're on the run maybe because they're in fear, because the way this man [sic] spoke. I probably would feel the same way...trying to find me, I would be scared you're trying to kill me

Raymond Brown is a community activist and headed the meeting where some left emotional, according to KATC. He feels that Captain Higgins "did more harm than good" with his video.

He is laughing at this thing and enjoying himself with all the publicity he has generated, but this is no fun and game

Some of the family members feel the criminal justice process has been flawed and Brown said he plans to send a letter to the justice department and ask for an investigation. He also believes the sheriff should fire Captain Clay Higgins.

This request for Higgins to be terminated comes in the wake of the ACLU criticizing the Captain for his remarks and choice of wording in the video.

Higgins was contacted for comment in response to the backlash and says he did the video per request of the Louisiana State Police. According to KATC, Higgins believes

people have a right to their opinion, even if that means disagreeing, and he supports that right

So far, a large number of social media comments support Higgins on local, national, and global levels—but what do you think about the video and some of the negative backlash it has garnered?

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