The American Civil Liberties Union issued a statement today regarding the latest Capt, Clay Higgins video addressing members of the Gremlins Gang.

The video displays members of several local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, along with black community leaders in the background as Higgins calls out seven fugitives tied to the Acadiana-based Gremlins gang.

The video elicited an ACLU statement, that was forwarded to our news partner KATC.

In the statement, the author condemns Higgins' choice of words as possibly leading to "violations of fundamental rights." The author cites Higgins' use of the word "heathens" as "potentially a violation of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution."

The statement mostly refers to the semantics of Higgins' video, but it concludes with a statement questioning his law enforcement capabilities, as well.

"Acting on valid arrest warrants in a legal manner is Mr. Higgins' job," concludes the ACLU statement. "I hope he can do that job well.  In doing so he must honor the laws of this country, or he is unfit to serve."

To view the entire text of the ACLU statement, click here.

To view the Crime Stoppers video at, click here.

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