With the arrest of Jerran “Bubbie” Diggs in Newport News, Virginia, only one of the 17 accused members of the so-called Gremlins gang is still on the loose, according to Louisiana State Police.

Travis Cooper, LSP Photo

26-year-old Travis “Ya” Cooper remains the only alleged gang member to be at large.

Before Diggs’ arrest, fellow alleged gang member Jonathan Landry (a.k.a. “Johnny Five”) was arrested in May. (CLICK HERE for more information on Diggs and Cooper.)

The Gremlins Gang is accused of operating in Acadia, Lafayette, Vermilion and St. Martin Parishes. 17 alleged members have been indicted on racketeering, conspiracy to commit racketeering and engaging in a criminal street gang. They are accused of narcotics crimes and violent crimes including homicide, intimidation of witnesses and widespread distribution of of narcotics.

“The individuals identified through this investigation have chosen to endanger public safety through violence and the distribution of illegal narcotics into our neighborhoods,” stated Colonel Mike Edmonson, State Police Superintendent, in December of 2015.