In a world that appears to be a snowball headed for hell, sometimes all it takes is a little nudge to move the needle. The old saying is, "music can soothe the savage beast". There's one family that took to TikTok to remind the world that better days are coming.

In the wake of the Russian/Ukraine war (as the world watches it play out on cell phones, computer screens and television), a sagging economy in America, shootings that have become so plentiful in big and small cities they're almost considered normal everyday life and gas prices decreasing how far the dollar goes, the world could use a song of inspiration and promise.

No fancy studio. No special microphones. No autotune. Just a table, chairs, and tons of talent. The family sings their rendition of Le'Andria Johnson's "Better Day". A beautiful song about the good days to come.

"Better Days" by Le'Andria Johnson

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