An Oklahoma father took matters into his own hands after he witnessed a pastor touching his son inappropriately.

According to Fox News, the 33-year-old pastor would frequently jog past the bus stop where the 9-year-old boy was molested.

The victim told his parents about the abuse earlier in the week, saying that the pastor had touched him in a way that made him feel "uncomfortable". The father decided to set up a stake-out: he parked near the bus stop and waited for the pastor to run by.

While the victim was at the bus stop, the pastor jogged by and then turned around and returned to where the boy was standing. According to the report, the pastor then put his hand on the boy's side before letting it slide down to the boy's rear.

The father recorded the inappropriate behavior and then sprang into action, tackling the pastor.

I know that vigilantism is frowned upon, so I am not certain if this father did the right thing. Had the father taken the child to the police to report the abuse with no evidence, it would have turned into a "my word against yours" situation. But, with the video evidence, it now should be an open and shut case.

I guess that the father thought that, if he was present, he could stop any serious abuse from occurring but still get evidence for the police.

Well, the father's plan worked, and the pastor is under arrest. And, probably, still in the hospital, as it appears that the father didn't play nice when he tackled the man who was touching his son.

When the father tackled the pastor, it appears the pastor may have bumped his head. According to the story, the pastor's skull was fractured and left orbital socket was cracked. There was also blood coming from the bridge of the suspect's nose and visible bruising around his left eye.

What would you have done in this situation? Since it was daylight and the bus stop was in clear view, would you have done the same as this father? Would you have reported it without any proof?

It's never a good idea to take the law into your own hands, but I applaud what this father did. After witnessing the long, drawn-out court cases of some victims of sexual abuse, having video evidence will, hopefully, provide for a speedy trial and minimal trauma for those involved.

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