After months of LCG effort and community input, the first draft of Lafayette's Comprehensive Plan has finally been completed. Lafayette Chief Development Officer Kevin Blanchard joined “Mornings with Ken and Bernie” for our weekly “Lafayette Live” segment to discuss the Comprehensive Plan, and what kind of changes local residents can expect to see in the coming years.

"I’m holding in my hands the draft of the comprehensive plan," stated CDO Blanchard. "We’ve gotten this back from the consultants. It’s great that here we are months into this project and we’ve got a good product."

The plan, as explained by Blanchard, is broken down into a few hundred "action items" based on community input. The CDO hopes the Comprehensive Plan can help shape the growth of Lafayette for the future.

We still have a city of Lafayette that’s the core of the parish. It’s where our business are built, where people are employed, and where a lot of people are employed. We’ve got to remember we’ve got a core urban area that we need to be reinvesting in. - Lafayette CDO Kevin Blanchard

Blanchard says the plan will focus on developing and shaping existing growth corridors in Lafayette.

We have a good opportunity in Lafayette to, along the Johnston Street corridor and the University corridor, before those areas tip too far, get too old, and have too little investment in them, to go back and make some targeted investments to keep up. - Kevin Blanchard

The plan still needs to reviewed by the City Advisory Committee before implementation can begin.

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