Ceremonies are planned for September 3rd at Fort Polk to mark the deployment of 1,000 infantry men. Members of the U.S. Army's 3rd Brigade Combat team based at Fort Polk are set to deploy on a security mission to Afghanistan.

The unit will be serving as advisers to the Afghan National Defense Security Force. This force includes members of the Afghan army and police force. The purpose of the deployment is to offer advice to the Afghans on how to better maintain security over time. The mission is described by a base spokesperson as evolving over time as the Afghan forces continue to grow stronger and more capable each day.

They'll be giving advice to the Afghans on how to sustain their capabilities and building national systems that are self-sustaining.

Those are the words of base spokesperson Kimberly Reischling as reported by the Louisiana Radio Network. The Defense Department says these soldiers will be joining about 300 more soldiers based at Ft. Drum in New York. The deployment is described by Defense Department officials as part of a routine rotation of personnel.

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