Today Glenn Fleming of Acadiana Gun Works join 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' for 'Firearms Friday' and discussed gun control legislation as well as two activities when you should refrain from carrying a concealed weapon.

According to Fleming,

If you ride a motorcycle you may want to consider not carrying concealed.  You might accidentally "flash" your weapon and cause someone to call police or even worse if you have an accident and are carrying with a round in the chamber you might wind up adding to your wounds by having the weapon go off on contact with the ground.  In addition most paramedics are not trained on how to 'safe' a weapon in case of an emergency.

On the legislative front Fleming noted,

Just days after pro-gun advocates delivered more than enough signatures to recall Colorado Senate President John Morse, signatures have been delivered to recall a second Colorado lawmaker.  Supporters of the recall effort delivered over 13,000 signatures on Monday to recall Senator Angela Giron of Pueblo.  This is about 20% more signatures than needed to initiate a recall election.

Noting another instance of reactionary thinking Fleming said,

In Massachusetts a six year old boy was given detention and forced to apologize for bringing a tiny toy gun from a LEGO set to school.  The 'gun' in question is about the size of a quarter.  According to the boy's mother, in a letter from the school, she was told that children on her son's bus were traumatized by the presence of the tiny gun.  Children are having it ingrained in their minds to be afraid of guns and this must stop.  If a child is traumatized by a 1/2 inch toy gun that family has more problems than a toy gun.

Fleming had a lot more to say about gun control, Senator Mary Landrieu, NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Vice-President Joe Biden.  You can take a listen to 'Firearms Friday' here:

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