Google's Frightgeist map is back for 2019 and shows Halloween costume trends throughout the country.

Google's Frightgeist is an interactive map of the U.S. the shows what the most popular Halloween costumes are each year by city and state. Not every city makes it on the map, but a number of Louisiana cities did, including Lafayette.

Here's a look at Lafayette and a few other big LA cities:

Lafayette: Shark (maybe because of Southside's Homecoming?)
Baton Rouge: Cattle
New Orleans: Clown
Alexandria: Toy Story
Lake Charles: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Monroe: Cheerleader
Shreveport: Ghost

To me, 'cattle' for Baton Rouge and 'shark' for Lafayette are the oddballs on the list. Maybe there's an uptick in shark costume sales because of Southside High School? Have no idea what's going on with Baton Rouge and cattle, though. To see trends throughout the rest of the state and country, click here.


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