Gov. John Bel Edwards is once again appealing to the federal government for additional flood recovery funding.

In a letter to Pres. Barack Obama, Edwards requested more than $4 billion for disaster assistance for Louisiana floods in March and August 2016.


“The federal government has been incredibly responsive to the needs of our state in the wake of two historic floods,” Edwards said. “However, FEMA now estimates that our unmet needs are greater than our initial request. Congress approved a down payment for assistance, and we are extremely grateful, but there are significant challenges ahead. Addressing our agricultural losses, rebuilding homes and businesses, restoring our infrastructure and strengthening communities to ensure this type of flood does not happen again are critically important for Louisiana’s future. I look forward to working with Congress and our congressional delegation after the election to give the people of Louisiana the assistance they need.”

In a press release from the governor's office, the administration said FEMA estimates 6,000 Louisiana businesses flooded this year, many of which may not re-open and whose closure will result in the permanent loss of jobs in communities struggling to come home.

Congress approved a resolution including  $500 million in disaster assistance for states, including $438 million in disaster relief for Louisiana.. Edwards made three separate trips to Washington, DC to lobby Congress for the assistance.

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