Governor John Bel Edwards wishes Louisiana residents a happy Thanksgiving. He says despite all the challenges we’ve faced this year, we have a lot to be thankful for today and every day.

“Thanksgiving is when we should certainly have that foremost in our thoughts, but prayers of thanksgiving are appropriate every day,” Edwards said.

The governor is spending the holiday back in the Governor’s Mansion after it flooded during the August flood. Edwards says he and First Lady Donna Edwards are glad to be in the Mansion for Thanksgiving.

“We took about 7 feet of water down in the basement, which in south Louisiana I’m not sure why anybody ever has a basement, but we do,” Edwards said.

Edwards encourages everyone to give thanks this holiday season because we live in the greatest state of the greatest country on earth.

“Just to give thanks, I encourage everybody to do that, and I certainly want to wish everyone out there a very happy and safe Thanksgiving this year,” Edwards said.