In the midst of a crazy day in the news, Governor Edwards held a press conference to address the state of Louisiana on COVID-19. The Governor of Louisiana expressed how he is "fed up" with people who are still not following mitigation measures.

See the full story from @WGNOtv and @Chris_R_Welty posted to Twitter below

According to the article above, Governor Edwards reported during his press conference that there is more COVID-19 in the state than ever before.

The article also details a quote from Governor Edwards during today's address to the state. "Quite frankly, they're not that damn onerus, put a mask on", said Governor Edwards.

With the Governor's current proclamation ending only a week from now, state officials hope to see COVID-19 cases decrease so that we will not have to resort to crisis care.

You can check out the original story from WGNO by clicking HERE.

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