After a long search, Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory has appointed a new permanent chief to take over the Lafayette Police Department.

Lafayette Consolidated Government made the announcement late Friday afternoon that Captain Judith Estorge would take the helm at LPD. She is the first female police chief in Lafayette Police Department's history.

“I am proud to serve our community and the officers of the Lafayette Police Department," Estorge said in the release. "And I thank Mayor-President Josh Guillory and the selection committees for entrusting me with the responsibility of protecting and serving the citizens of Lafayette."

Estorge is a Lafayette native who also attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. While she was there, she studied Criminal Justice, and eventually joined the department in 1993.

"She served as a patrol officer, a traffic motor officer, a detective in the Criminal Investigative Division, a Precinct 3 sergeant, and watch commander. Currently, Estorge is the commander of Precinct 4 where she is responsible for overseeing a staff of 25 patrol officers, 4 sergeants, 1 lieutenant, and 1 administrative assistant," LCG announced in its release.

 “One of my goals," Estorge said, "is to build community relationships and do my very best to work together to solve our common concerns. When police and the community work together, we build trust. We rely on our citizens to provide information about crime in their neighborhoods, and we want them to trust us. Together, we can make a difference."

KPEL Photo
Mayor-President Josh Guillory (KPEL Photo)

Guillory made the choice after weeks of narrowing down the candidates. The department had been without a permanent chief since the former occupant of the office, Thomas Glover, Sr., was ousted after Guillory and his office "lost faith" in Glover's ability to lead LPD.

“I’d like to thank everyone involved in the interview process," Guillory said in Friday's release. "I am confident that Captain Estorge will bring all of the qualities necessary to lead the LPD as their next Chief."

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