It was last weekend that 22-year-old Mickey Shunick disappeared from us, and I am sure, like me, your habits have changed.  You have probably told your children to remember safety rules.  It is a shame that we can't just live our lives without having to constantly be watching the world around us, and it's just not right.

So many volunteers have come together to bring her home. Thankfully all of these people continue to work to find her. I am sure our own habits have changed this week.  We probably check door and windows more than once to make sure they are locked.  I am sure many people have started to call family and friends when they get home from a trip or family gathering.  Again, it shouldn't have to be this way.

Mickey didn't do anything wrong.  All she did was take her bicycle and head home.  I know I have stepped up what I do to look at my surroundings.  I have remembered to change my routine, contact my family and watch more carefully.  It is all we can do.  Eventually there will be more breaks in the search for Mickey, and we are all waiting for more news.

I have hope and faith in the many thousands of wonderful people in this town and the surrounding areas.  I am thankful that so many people care about this woman and her family.  To the many volunteers, thank you to all that you have been doing.