With the Super Bowl upon us, and college football completed for about a month or so football in the 2022-2023 season is almost over. But with that National Signing Day is upon us. This day is such a monumental day for all the kids in high school looking to continue their athletic aspirations.

Here is a list of all the division 1 college football signings for 2023.


1. Derek Williams Jr.- Texas

Westgate safety/cornerback/athlete Derek Williams Jr. has committed and is going to Texas. In an exclusive interview that will be out on our website, Williams stated that he is going to be in Texas and will be moved in by the end of May. Texas got themselves a stud and in his words, he is "a heavy hitter".

2. Amaaz Eugene- Northwestern

With a 4.49 40-yard dash time, Amaaz Eugene is a special playmaker on the offensive side of the ball and special teams. Listed as an athlete on offense and special teams, Northwestern got a bonafide speeder coming their way.

Ascension Episcopal:

1. Peyton Woodring - Georgia

Woodring is the number 1 rated kicker in the country that received offers from Alabama, UL, and Air Force. But Woodring saw the success the Bulldogs have been having and said I'm going to Georgia because I want to win!

Vermillion Catholic:

1. Travin Moore - Louisiana

Moore is a really special kid. 4.0 student as well as an amazing athlete. He can play both offense and defense as a running back, defensive back, and linebacker. It will be very interesting to see where UL plays him, but the Cajuns received a stud!


1. Chantz Ceaser - Louisiana

Ceaser is the first quarterback on the list. Listed as a dual-threat quarterback, the Cajuns just received a 6’3 205lbs dog who also has a 3.2 GPA.


1. Landon Baptiste -  Louisiana

Baptiste is a dual sport athlete in high school he played combo guard in basketball and QB/ WR/ ATH in football. It will be interesting to see what he plays for the Cajuns, but whatever it is we know the Cajuns got a dog with Baptiste.

St. Martinville:

1. Harvey Broussard - Louisiana

Broussard is a wide receiver and the type of receiver the Cajuns need. He is 6'3 and can jump out of the gym. He is the perfect wide receiver that you can just throw it up and he goes and gets it. The Cajuns did well in the Acadiana region with their recruiting.

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