Mardi Gras is over and so is our poll for the Favorite Parade in NW Louisana and the winner is... the Krewe of Highland Parade! I snapped that picture above while riding in the parade this year and it shows exactly why people love this parade so much. The throws include everything from beads to hot dogs to VHS tapes, so you never know what you'll get. And of course, people get creative with their signs. I even saw one that said, "Just divorced, need cups"!

Of course, the Highland Parade winning isn't a shot at any other parades or Krewes, it's just how the voting went. In the Highland Parade, it's common to see other local  Krewes in addition to local organizations coming together for a what's become a uniquely 'Highland' experience. The 2019 season might be over, but people are already excited and preparing for next year's Mardi Gras season!

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