Are these lifelong treasures or things that make it to the fridge for a week?

This past weekend was Father's Day and I saw a lot of handmade gifts from my friends kids on social media. Photos of kids smiling ear to ear as their fathers proudly displayed their handmade cards or other works of art. For whatever reason, maybe because I don't have kids, I started thinking about how long those items would be around.

As a kid my mother saved everything from macaroni necklaces to report cards.

While I was incredibly flattered, I don't think I will do this with my kids. There may be some things that are just too precious to get rid of, but I don't think everything needs to be boxed up and kept forever. Especially if the kid doesn't remember even crafting in the first place. Now let's turn the microphone over to you...

If you're a parent, how long do you keep those handmade items from your kids?

Maybe you never let those things go. Maybe you proudly display them on the fridge for a week. Maybe you attempt to save them, but they end up getting lost in the hustle of everyday life. Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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