I can remember a time when veterans were respected. I can also remember a time when they were not. World War I vets, WWII vets, Korean vets...Vietnam vets were a different story in some places however.

In Fresno, California recently a 21 year old, Army Specialist Kayla Reyes, says she was denied a job at Macy's because she was a vet! The hiring manager reportedly told Reyes,

You wouldn't really know how to approach people because you've been over there (Afghanistan). She went on say, Once a customer's in your face, you wouldn't know how to do it. You wouldn't know how to react.

The hiring manager went on to suggest to Reyes she might be better suited for a job in 'loss prevention' like someone trained to use guns would work out better taking care of shoplifters.

I hope this incident is an isolated one and this is not Macy's policy. Just because this young lady spent a year as a National Guard soldier in Afghanistan doesn't mean she can't be pleasant and speak to customers. Of course we know why the hiring manager is not dealing face-to-face with customers...she would have been booted out her first day!

When you think of all the young men and young women who have been trained to kill in hand-to-hand combat or with various weapons that have gone on to succeed in the business world one must realize prior service does not mean you can't function in society.

This 'hiring manager' should be taken off of her high horse' and shown the door. Miss Reyes in addition to serving her country overseas for a year is still in the US National Guard and has prior retail experience. If said 'hiring manager' thinks military service precludes a person from working retail it must be a stretch for her to understand that Miss Reyes gave up a retail sales position to don combat gear and serve her country.

I have said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again. I believe everyone that is capable of serving this great nation should have serve at least a two year enlistment in either the military or some form of service including the Peace Corps. If every citizen put in the time to serve their country in some capacity we would have a lot fewer 'gimme gimme' individuals.

Rarely do I say someone should sue but in this case I hope Specialist Reyes sues Macy's and walks away with enough money to make them begin recruiting vets instead of discriminating against.

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