This weekend, President Donald Trump announced that he will be stopping previously announced sanctions against North Korea. The surprise announcement announcement to reverse approved sanctions seemed to even catch his own team off guard.

Trump has been in ongoing talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in an effort to give up his nuclear missile program. That program has made leaps over the last few years, giving North Korea theoretic capability to hit US mainland targets, according to US Intelligence agencies.

The sudden change in policy was the subject of US Senator Marco Rubio's appearance on 'Meet The Press' this weekend. Rubio offered a bleak outlook on the North Korean negotiations, saying:

“I would love for Kim Jong Un to give up his weapons and everything else, and I don't criticize the president for trying. I just never believed he would. I don't believe he ever will. I'm not skeptical because I want it to fail; I'm skeptical because I believe it will fail."

If Rubio is right, and if the talks fail, how much concern should there be in the US, especially in the Shreveport and Bossier areas?

According to previous reports, Barksdale Air Force Base, and Global Strike Command, appear to have already been named by North Korea as a US mainland target. According to those reports, a previously released North Korean photo specifically shows Barksdale included on a map that was titled "U.S. Mainland Strike Plan". That map also included Hawaii, San Diego, and Washington DC.

Recently the US and North Korea abruptly broke off talks at a summit, which led to satellite imagery suggesting that North Korea was starting us use missile launch sites again. Which rekindled concerns about US mainland targets.

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