If you needed further proof that the south is simply not built for extreme winter weather, here it is.

Like most people who rarely see ice and snow, one Instagram influencer from Dallas, TX who goes by @ezmemena decided to have a little fun for the gram when her apartment pool froze over during the extreme winter weather that swept through the south last week.

The only problem is, things didn't go as smoothly as she probably had in mind.

Almost instantly, her sock slips on the ice sending her into an awkward dive into the ice-cold water. She quickly comes up but finds difficulty getting out of the water since the ice is so slippery.

Soon, a helping hand enters the frame and helps this influencer out of the water but soaking wet in below-freezing temps.

Instagram, @ezmemena
Instagram, @ezmemena

Based on her caption "if that make u laugh it's all that matters" it seems like this influencer is definitely laughing at herself as well.

I'm giving her mad credit because I don't know if there are enough likes in the world for me to do what she did for social media—or any media for that matter.

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