In the media world, our goal is to cover the story not to be the story. I am sure a similar mindset applies to the world of law enforcement. In other words, be the solution to the incident and not the cause of the incident. But alas, sometimes the best-laid plans of mice and men sometimes go astray, such was the case Wednesday afternoon when an armed intruder alert on campus at LSU was apparently sparked by an undercover police officer.

According to reports, the officer was on campus as part of Welcome Week activities at LSU. The officer, sent to campus from Attorney General Jeff Landry's office was reported to have been there to teach incoming students about online safety. Certainly, a subject General Landry has made a priority during his tenure in the A.G.'s office.

Officials at LSU have announced they are reviewing the University's response to the intruder alert. LSU President F.King Alexander issued a statement on the incident praising the individual who called in the alert. He also praised the response from the university and local law enforcement agencies who worked together to bring the incident to a safe conclusion.

As a parent of an LSU student who had just left campus after moving my daughter into her apartment on Wednesday, I can tell you the student alert system works quite well. My daughter had already called me and declared herself safe before news of the incident broke through media channels.

As a father incidents like these are very unsettling to me. However, knowing that the university is going to great lengths to keep our kids safe certainly adds to my peace of mind. I would suggest that you ask your college student, wherever they attend classes if they are familiar with their universities emergency contingency plans. Almost all schools have them and they can literally save lives in a time of crisis.




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