Ask a Christian if they think Christianity is under attack in America, and they may very well quickly give you an expression such as, "Well, yes".  So where is the proof?  Some say there are examples everywhere.

There is another person who wants prayer stopped in school and at school activities.  Here is one of the latest stories from

An Alabama school district has been accused of allowing prayers that invoke the name of Jesus during high school football games, according to a complaint filed by a national atheist organization.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation said the Lauderdale County school district has violated the First Amendment by allowing the prayers at Brooks High School.
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School Superintendent Bill Valentine said that to his knowledge, no one has ever lodged a complaint with the school system about the prayers.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation filed a similar complaint against a school in Arab, Ala. That school decided to end pregame prayers and instead offer a moment of silence.

Valentine said they haven’t made any decision about prayers for Friday night’s football game.

He said the complaint has generated lots of telephone calls mostly in support of keeping the prayers. He added that most callers have been understanding and "seem to appreciate the quandary we find ourselves in."

Lauderdale County has about 8,600 students enrolled in public schools and Valentine said the community has a very active religious community.

Among those is David McKelvey, pastor of the nearby First Baptist Church, Killen. He discussed the controversy during his Sunday sermon.

"It’s very sad," McKelvey told Fox News. "I would think that any other prayer from another religion would not receive this kind of negativity."

McKelvey said he’s attended football games when students deliver prayer and to his knowledge they have always been benign mostly prayers for the players, the coaches, the referees and the fans.

"They are in the Christian context with the student ending the prayer in Jesus’ name," he said.

The pastor called the complaint "unfortunate" but not surprising. Christianity, he said, is under attack.

"It’s going on all over the place," he said. "You just hate for it to be coming to your doorstep."

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