Our postal workers work hard everyday to get our mail and packages to us on a daily basis. They deliver our mail with the moniker "neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds." Sometimes in those rounds, they may run across a mailbox that is rusted, full of bugs or just plain falling apart. That's why the United States Postal Service (USPS) needs you to check your mailbox this week, May 21 - May 27, to make sure your box is in order.

Mailboxes and Curb Appeal

As you drive through a residential area or on a country road, you will see a large variety of mailboxes. These mailboxes could just be a plain Jane box sitting on a wooden stand with the house number and flag on it. Some boxes could be in a brick structure to make it look more appealing and protect it. Others will be rusted, the door barely hanging on and ugly.


That's what the USPS needs you to check for this week.

The USPS designated this week, May 21 - May 27 as Mailbox Improvement Week. Your mail carriers want to make sure your mailbox is proper working order, looks good and is in compliance with all regulations. As the USPS says, an attractive mailbox improves the appearance of the countryside or neighborhood streets.

Your mailbox needs to be...

  • An approved mailbox by the Post Master General
  • Designed to protect your mail from the weather
  • Safe to use (i.e., not rusted with holes with sharp edges, insects or bugs are not present inside, etc.)
  • Conveniently located (close enough to the street to allow ease of use for your mail carrier)
  • Looks nice

If you need more details into how to properly install or maintain your mailbox, go to usps.com.

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