As temperatures slowly start to warm up, you will see more people on their motorcycles across Louisiana.

With that said, yes, we should all be mindful of those on their bikes, but bikers also need to be aware of a few things before hitting the road.

Of course, those bikers need to pay attention to traffic and obey all laws on the road, but they also need to be aware of some of the road conditions in Acadiana.

It goes without saying that in Louisiana some of the roads here are in sub-par condition and some of the roadways are just flat-out dangerous due to their conditions.

If you drive enough throughout South Louisiana you will notice just how rough some roads are and the wear and tear that the roads put on our vehicles in Louisiana is worrisome.

Recently I was at an intersection in Lafayette when I watched a biker turn in front of me. I was stopped as he was turning and I saw that he appeared to lose control of his bike. I feared that he was about to lay the bike down in the intersection, but the driver was able to keep his bike upright.


As he turned in front of me, I saw that he went off the road and into a grassy area near a store, but continued on this way. Immediately I knew that he had to have been an experienced biker because anyone without proper training would have gone down.

As he went on his way I thought about the man losing control of his bike and it was then that I realized why he may have lost control of his bike. The road conditions at the intersection I was at were terrible.

I do not doubt in my mind that this biker nearly lost control of his bike because the bumps in the road caused him to slide across a portion of the Lafayette intersection.

Google Maps
Google Maps

If you're wondering where I witnessed all of this, it was at the busy intersection of Congress and Rue De Belier, not very far from Acadiana High School.

The road conditions at this intersection are terrible and someone will soon get hurt here if the state doesn't do something about the road conditions. And not patching is not the answer here.

I share this experience with you so that you too can be aware of the conditions at this intersection. Not very far from here is a small bar, where many bikers frequent for fundraisers. So, be careful as you cross Congress and Rue De Belierin Lafayette.

The roads are that bad here.

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