Thieves have struck again in Lafayette, Louisiana and this time the victim is an elderly woman.

A photo on social media was sent to us and it shows a 1990 Toyota Corolla DX Wagon without any tires or rims on it.

Well, there aren't any tires or rims on this car because thieves stole them off the car while a 74-year-old woman was at work in Lafayette.

Now, social media is asking for your help in getting the elderly woman back on the road. If you or someone you know can help with replacement parts funding so that the elderly woman can use her car again, you can contact Jan, who posted the photo on Facebook.

Jan Livingston
Jan Livingston

The one beautiful thing we all love about South Louisiana is that when someone needs help, we come together as one and take care of people.

So, if you can assist in replacing the parts stolen that would be great, and if you can't, a simple share on social media may get this story before someone who can offer the parts that this elderly woman needs to get her car back on the road.

Thieves may have slowed this elderly woman down for now, but together we can get her back on the road and let her return to work with ease.


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