Don't Mess With Texas... that saying absolutely applies to when you need to throw stuff away. We have a huge problem with littering in the state; around 362 million pieces of trash is found along the road in Texas every year. That includes food wrappers, recyclables or small pieces of trash like cigarette butts.

So, obviously, the best thing is to take your garbage and throw it away. But keep in mind: not everything can just get tossed in the trash. There are certain items that you can't just throw away and you need to take them to the right place

Daniel Paulus
Daniel Paulus

Where's the best place to get rid of trash in Texas?

Both the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality & the organization Take Care of Texas gave us sobering statistics on how much trash in dumped around Texas, and most importantly...what items you NEED to get rid of properly. Some items are considered hazardous, or won't be disposed properly at a landfill & needs to be recycled at the right place.

So if you need a list of places that will get rid of hazardous materials or the right places to recycle, you can find a list on the TCEQ website.

But which items are illegal to just throw away in the trash? Using the two main sources listed above, we put together a list of over 10 of the most common items that are illegal to throw, so next time you get rid of stuff, you know what's not allowed.

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DON'T THROW AWAY: These Are Illegal Items to Throw in the Trash in Texas

Not everything is safe to just toss in the trash; certain items are illegal & must be disposed properly. Here are certain items you CAN'T throw in the trash in Texas.

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