When Kanye West tweets, people listen. Whether they are listening for the good or for the bad, it's undeniable that people are paying attention to anything Kanye puts out on the internet.

Today, Kanye went to Twitter to let people know that he and Steve Harvey were hungry for some chicken. You can check out the photo of Harvey hanging with Kanye below @kanyewest

Steve Harvey looks decked out for ranch life. I could be wrong, but I am assuming he is visiting Kanye at his ranch in Wyoming.

Kanye brought back his Sunday Service recently and continues to shout praise on a regular basis, even tweeting a video of his friends singing praise inside of the same Chick-Fil-A. Check out the video below @kanyewest

While Kanye has gone off of the rails over the past month or so on Twitter, this seems much more mild than his past Twitter tirades. It will be interesting to see what Steve Harvey and Kanye West are up to after they get their fill of Chick-Fil-A.


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