Keith Urban is one of those country artists that you want to see in concert, not only because he's a great artist, but because he knows how to put on one heck of a show.

Keith is currently on his Speed of Now World Tour and he recently made a stop at The Wharf in Orange Beach, Alabama. It was no doubt a show to remember, but there was one moment that made the night even more special.

What Keith likely wasn't waiting to see that night was a sign in the audience reading, "Help Reveal Baby's Gender." Of course he had to bring the couple on stage and see just what was going on.

The expecting couple was Shawn and Miranda Fogle, a military family living in Navarre, Florida. While they made their way to the stage, Keith got an audience consensus on whether the baby was a boy or girl. The applauds seemed to be louder in favor of team girl.

Of course there was only one way to know.

Miranda gave Keith the honors of opening the envelope and announcing the news. It's a boy!

Keith seemed to be extremely honored to be a part of that moment with the Fogle's, and the crowd's applause was incredible.

Keith is known to pull folks from the crowd every now and then for a surprise. At another stop on his tour, he invited a lady from the audience on stage and serenaded her for her birthday.

The Speed of Now Tour looks like it has been a blast for Keith and every fan who has attended his show.

He is currently promoting his newest tune "Brown Eyes Baby" and it is yet another hit Keith can add to his list.

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