She didn't see him coming through.

The Golden State Warriors are the NBA Champions once again, and today they celebrated their success with a parade.

Klay Thompson, who is one of the many stars on this team, was seen running through the streets of the Bay Area during the parade and he tripped over something on the street.

2022 NBA Finals - Game Six
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While he never fell to the ground, Thompson's momentum carried him, while his head was down, and that is when he made contact with the woman on the street.

She never saw him coming and the collision sent the young lady to the ground.

Some on social media compared this hit to what you may see on Sundays on an NFL football field.

Thompson stopped after realizing what had happened and he assisted the woman to her feet. No, this was not intentional so let's not even try to twist this.

We're glad both seemed to be ok after this. Keep in mind, that Thompson just recovered from a serious injury on the court, it would have been sad to see him, or the woman, get injured here.

As you may expect, the party was wild today as players, coaches, and fans celebrated their latest championship.

Klay Thompson reportedly even dropped one of his championship rings while celebrating with fans. What a rough day for this man.


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