On Fridays on “Your Afternoon Drive Home,” a new segment has begun that takes a lighter look at the news of the week. It’s a funny take on what’s happening in the world. Just don’t take it seriously!

"It's Friday afternoon and time for KPEL News…From The Other Side

Citizens in Egypt ousted elected president Mohammad Morsi this week, leading some in the US to suggest it's time we Walk Like An Egyptian.
The Vatican has announced that Pope John Paul the second and Pope John the 23rd would soon be named Saints. The Saints issued a short statement denying any responsibility and referring all future questions to former defensive coordinator Greg Williams.

Thieves in Florida made off with 1.1 million dollars in Sprits of Tsars Vodka in a daring heist similar to bank robberies. The robbers cut a hole in a warehouse wall and carried out the booze case by case. The owner is offering a $5,000 reward and says he feels stupid for storing the product where it was so easily accessible. Hmm. He feeels stupid? Well, that explains the $5,000 reward for 1.1 million dollars worth of Vodka!

Three people in Michigan got quite a surprise when they were given their order at a Taco Bell drive thru earlier this week. Instead of their food the trio received the stores $3,600 bank deposit that was being kept in a bag near the counter. The good Samaritans returned the cash instead of making a Run For The Border.
As America celebrated her 237th Birthday yesterday, Joey Chestnut set a new world record by eating 69 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes to claim his seventh straight Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Championship. Chestnut celebrated the win and was quoted as saying, ….(blahhhhh)

And finally, in local news Erath celebrated Independence Day with their annual water fight between fire departments. The LeBlanc Fire Department withstood the 70 pounds per square inch water cannon the longest taking home the title for the fourth year in a row. When contacted for comment, Joey Chestnut said, "Yeah, well lets see them do that while eating hot dogs!"

Douglas Englebart, the man credited with inventing the computer mouse died this week at the age of 88. Englebart's family requested there be only one pall bearer for the funeral. Evidently it will just be a "drag and drop".

That's a look at your KPEL News from the Other Side, I'm George Snufalupacus. Remember, when news breaks…don't blame us!"