On Fridays on "Your Afternoon Drive Home," a new segment has begun that takes a lighter look at the news of the week. It's a funny take on what's happening in the world. Just don't take it seriously!

"Good afternoon, here’s a look at your KPEL News…from the Other Side.

The George Zimmerman trial continues in Florida with many media outlets confusing him with Mens Warehouse spokesman and former CEO George Zimmer who was fired by the company’s board last week. The best way to tell the two apart: George Zimmerman has probably never uttered the phrase, 'You’re gonna look good. I guarantee it.'

Edward Snowden, the man who leaked NSA documents is still on the run, having reportedly been in China and Russia this week. Snowden is attempting to elude captors and should therefore avoid Ambassador Caffery during rush hour at all costs.

Now that marijuana has been legalized in Washington state for recreational use, two pig farmers have found an interesting use for the scraps. They’re feeding them to pigs—giving an entirely new meaning to the term “potted meat”.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday decided NOT decide on a landmark case in California, effectively clearing the way for same-sex marriages there. In effect, the high court basically said, “Go ask your mother.”
A couple in West Haven Conn who struggled to come up with a name for their newborn son and have actually put it to a vote in their local Starbucks. The baby weighed in at 9lbs 8 oz, making it a Vente.

Meanwhile, Kim and Kanye made headlines when they named their baby North—meaning the child’s full name will be North West. Which is only slightly more embarrassing than the fact you know who I’m talking about just by using the names Kim and Kanye.

And, finally, Governor Bobby Jindal signed an executive order recently declaring July 4 and 5 state holidays and giving Louisiana state workers both days off calling them quote days of public rest. Or as we all know them as “a trip to the DMV”.

For your KPEL Friday Look at The News form the Other Side, I’m George Snufalupacus. And remember, when news breaks….don’t blame us!"