The first wave of planning workshops for Lafayette's Central Park (formerly known has Horse Farm) have been completed with contributions from over 2,400 people from around the community. Lafayette Central Park Director of Planning and Design E.B. Brooks joined “Mornings with Ken and Bernie” for our weekly “Lafayette Live” segment to discuss the plans moving forward for the park.

"We had over 2,400 people show up to the last series of workshops and participate to the online workshops," said Brooks. "That was huge. We had a lot of excitement and a lot of great ideas."

Brooks reiterated the community's desire to keep the park as passive as possible, discussing ideas to allow people to best access and use the natural beauty of the property.

A lot of people wanted to find some things that were missing in Lafayette that would be appropriate for the Horse Farm, like a botanical gardens, a children’s discover garden where kids could learn about nature. There was also a lot of interest in tying into the Vermilion River, like maybe a canoe launch or a Vermilion River overlook. - E.B. Brooks

Another major priority for the park expressed during the workshops was music and the arts. Citizens are interested in a venue that could allow for musical and theatrical performances, though the details are still up in the air.

A lot of people want to see small theatre, or small music performance venue. Perhaps maybe an outdoor amphitheater. We need to know if that would be temporary or permanent and what size it would be. Is it a grassy knoll where everyone brings a blanket or is there actually seating? - E.B. Brooks

Many of those specific details will be discussed during six public meetings workshop planned for November 19-21. The meetings will take place at different locations around the community and everyone is invited to participate.

The schedule for the meetings is as follows:

Tuesday, November 19

11am -1pm Acadiana Center for the Arts
6pm -8pm South Regional Library

Wednesday, November 20

11am -1pm South Regional Library
6pm - 8pm Petroleum Club Ballroom

Thursday, November 21

11am - 1pm Rosa Parks Transportation Center
6pm - 8pm Martin Luther King Center

For more details on the meetings, please visit

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