LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL) -- The man who skipped out on his trial a couple weeks ago has given his reasons for doing so and has apologized for the drunk driving accident that killed Cacie Barras last year.

In a more than eleven minute YouTube video published Sunday under the author John Smith, which depicts Wade Lohse somewhere in the woods, Lohse apologized for the accident, but he called into question the results of the crash investigation, accusing authorities of performing their calculations incorrectly.

Lohse also questioned the validity of the gun charge with which he's charged, saying the law is unconstitutional.

Jami Maggio, a good friend of Barras', expressed shock at the video, and said Lohse is a "coward for running" who needs to "prove his innocence."

"He's not around to face the consequences of his actions," Maggio said. "It's overwhelming and it's very frustrating and it does kind of make you sick that he would stoop to that level and claim the things that's he's claiming."

The U.S. Marshall's office and the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office said they are both aware of the video, and they continue their active search for Lohse, according to Corey Britt with the Marshall's office.

Lohse was charged with drunk driving, vehicular homicide, and felon in possession of a firearm.


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