A United State District Judge has sentenced a Lafayette man to six years and three months in jail for illegal possession of controlled substances.

Fentanyl is a scourge in the world of drugs, and multiple deaths in Acadiana have been linked to this drug in recent years. The numbers continue to climb.

A joint investigative operation, one like many that have happened in the past several years, resulted in the sentence for 25-year-old Keelan Elaire of Lafayette.

Members of the Lafayette Narcotics Unit and the Drug Enforcement Agency have teamed up on several operations looking into drug trafficking in this area.

Officials say that in September of 2021. investigators found 30 grams of Fentanyl in vehicles owned by Elaire and his girlfriend.  The Fentanyl, according to officials was packed up in little baggies which is typical when someone is going to sell it. T

A second search warrant allowed investigators to execute a search warrant on the girlfriend's home where they found more drugs. This time investigators say they found 650 grams of some sort of mixture that did contain Fentanyl along with three m-30 pills. What are those? Click here.

Officials say that Elaire admitted to them the drugs and the cash found at the scenes belonged to him.

Fentanyl, along with other drugs, is responsible for hundreds of deaths in the state of Louisiana. Often law enforcement officials say that other drugs so on the street, like heroin and cocaine, along with other drugs can be laced with the opioid. Fentanyl is 80-100 times more powerful than morphine according to the DEA.

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