Poetry. Some love it. Some loathe it. Others don't get it.

No matter how you feel about verse, a Lafayette student's creative lines will have your rolling on the floor laughing.

On Monday, Abby Reed posted a photo of her son William's recent class assignment to Facebook. William is a sixth-grader at St. Genevieve School. Based on the headline he put on his loose-leaf sheet of paper, his English teacher assigned him the task of writing a free verse poem.

William did not disappoint.

Abby E. Reed/Facebook
Abby E. Reed/Facebook

It reads:

The bird high in the sky
Got shot by a guy
The bird hit the ground THUD!
The bird got stuck in the mud
The hunter claps BAM!
And says I'm gonna eat this with ham

William's poem left several of his mother's friends (this writer included) in stitches after reading it.

Abby E. Reed/Facebook
Abby E. Reed/Facebook

Come to find out, William isn't a one-hit wonder. He has at least one other poem that's just as hysterical as the the first.

Abby E. Reed/Facebook
Abby E. Reed/Facebook

It reads:

Bashful Bussin' Bananas
sleep under a cabana
they wake up, one hits a split
the other gets hit
they pulled a baby off the tree and named it Brianna

Little William channeled his inner E. E. Cummings by using mostly lowercase letters in writing his near-limerick.

William's love for writing and English doesn't fall far too far from the tree. His grandmother, Claire Reed, was an elementary school teacher for nearly three decades, so we're certain he grew up around books.

Well done, William! Well done!

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