If someone were to ask me where my favorite 5-Star Restaurant is in Acadiana, I would be stumped: who's to say which would garner 5 out of 5 stars? It's subjective, right?

That's why I was very interested in the answers you would give if asked for your favorite 5-Star Restaurant in Acadiana. It happened over the weekend on Facebook.

The public Facebook group called Foodies of Lafayette featured the following post:

Foodies of Lafayette via Facebook
Foodies of Lafayette via Facebook

A Facebook user, Valerie Ledoux, asked her 13-year-old kid what she wanted for her birthday, and the kid's response was this: to eat at a 5-Star Restaurant. (That's my kind of kid!)

At first, I thought, "How can we determine which restaurant is actually a 5-Star restaurant when we don't know any food critics who have deemed any local restaurant as a 5-Star Restaurant?"

My second thought: "Wait a minute; we are ALL restaurant critics!" That's when I jumped to the comments section to see which restaurants in Acadiana YOU deemed to be worthy of 5 stars.

So, short of sending the family to Los Angeles or New York, locals offered up their idea of Acadiana's 5-Star Restaurants. Here are some of the answers, in no particular order.

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