A State Representative from Thibodaux has asked the Louisiana State Police Retirement Board to start legal proceedings to find out if a new law increasing pay for two members of State Police is constitutional.

He also wants any raises allowed under the law to be halted until a determination about the law is made.

Thibodaux wants clarification on Act 859 which was created by Senate  Bill 294 to know if it is constitutional or not.

Richard contends that an unrelated amendment was attached to the bill without following proper procedure.

The amendment allows for a retirement pay increase for two troopers including State Police Superintendent Colonel Mike Edmonson.

The lawmaker says the amendment was added in such a late fashion that it did not allow for debate on the State House floor.

Richard's letter to the board states,

“I am extremely concerned about the process we have all witnessed publicly concerning the amending of our state’s public employee retirement law to the specific advantage of two individuals.” I respectfully urge the board to take two actions: delay any changes to retirement benefits due to the recent law, and call for an immediate investigation or legal proceeding to determine the law’s constitutionality.”

Richard also stated the law “will certainly be addressed by the legislature in its upcoming session.”

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