According to a recent release, Lafayette General or LGH has signed a letter of intent with American Legion Hospital in Crowley to explore a long-term agreement whereby the LGH system would lease the Acadia Parish facility and equipment from the current leadership.

Both LGH President/ CEO David Callecod and ALH CEO Terry Osborne plan to bring in consultants to develop a structure for the lease/management agreement that, they say, will be advantageous to both the 450 employees of Acadia Parish’s primary care hospital and the patients it serves.

Speaking to The Dai


ly Advertiser, Osborne said financial concerns have become more of an issue with the new mandates resulting from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, as well as cuts from the federal government in Medicare and Medicaid.

"The partnership with Lafayette General Health opens up tremendous opportunities for improvements and growth at our community's hospital," stated ALH Board Chairman Cason Delahoussaye, M.D. "The goal of this partnership is to allow residents of Acadia Parish to receive health care of the highest quality right here at home in a modern patient-centered environment. We are very excited about what the partnership with Lafayette General Health means for American Legion Hospital and Acadia Parish."

Their hope is to have the documents finalized in the first quarter of the new year, and to have LGH assume management by April.

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