A memo from LHSAA leadership outlined how the organization would handle COVID-19 as it relates to 2021 fall sports.

The 12-page memo expressed confidence that LHSAA schools were more than capable of handling the challenge that is COVID-19. It also spoke on the partnership between coaches, teams, and local health officials and their ability to work together to ensure that the fall season can happen.


While the LHSAA note highlights confidence, a report from The Advocate highlights that there will be new consequences going into the fall sports season when it comes to COVID.

But please know, unlike last year, we will not referee the alleged manipulation of COVID issue relief to facilitate the avoidance of opponents for sports-specific power ranking reasons. Now having preventative measures that can be taken to avoid issues with the virus, any/all reasons that may occur as it relates to COVID that prevents your school(s) not to fulfill a regular and/or postseason game, contest, match or meet, will result in a forfeiture.

What this means in plain speak is that if COVID prevents a team from being able to participate in a scheduled game, it will result in a forfeit and will ultimately show up as a loss on that team's record.

The one major reason why this rule is different from last season is the availability of vaccines amongst other "preventative measures" to "avoid issues with the virus." As a result, the LHSAA says it will not be their responsibility to "referee" any COVID-related issues.

Another point that was highlighted in the memo were attendance limits that will be "set in accordance with directives from the governor’s office, state fire marshal officials and officials from the Louisiana Department of Health as they evolve."

As you would expect, some parents were worried that the "one-size-fits-all" approach wouldn't be fair to kids who did everything in their power to stay safe, including breakthrough cases.

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Naturally, some of the conversations spiraled into debates and arguments for and against the vaccine.

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Others scoffed at the idea and took the opportunity to push back at the numbers that are currently ravaging our state when it comes to this 4th surge of COVID-19.

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While there will be many debates and lots of frustration surrounding these new consequences when it comes to COVID-19, teams and coaches who want nothing more than to be out on that field or that court will likely do whatever it takes to make sure that happens.

At this point, they're not as interested in debating as they are in competing and we're wishing them the best of luck as they navigate this pandemic for the second fall season in a row.

See the full story and full memo via The Advocate here.

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