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Former LSU safety Jamal Adams cried and screamed his way out of New York throwing head coach Adam Gase under the bus when it came to his ability to lead. Maybe Adams was being honest about that, maybe some guys feel the same way, or maybe he really just wanted out of New York.

Earlier this week he got his wish as the New York Jets traded Adams to the Seattle Seahawks in which the Jets got a really good haul of draft picks plus a solid safety in return.

On Thursday, Adams spoke to the Seattle media for the first time. Here's a little snippet of what he had to say regarding getting out of New York, being in Seattle, and his plans moving forward. (Via Bob Condotta on Twitter)

Condotta covers the Seahawks for the Seattle Times and had some more to add to the video via quotes on Twitter stating that Adams had never been to Seattle before the trade and he arrived on Monday.

In addition, Adams tied his LSU roots to is now Seattle roots and new head coach Pete Carrol by saying, "Adams makes interesting point that Ed Orgeron runs practices really similarly to Pete Carroll --- Orgeron was assistant to Carroll at USC. Adams played final season at LSU when Orgeron took over as head coach."

Finally, when asked about his time in New York and how things ended, "Adams says he's focused on being a Seahawk and moving on and wishes everyone in New York well. Basically just dousing that fire for now."


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