You may remember me sharing a video last year of Dawson Leblanc, a 2-year-old local boy who taught us how to peel crawfish. It was pretty impressive to watch this adorable little cowboy from Duson peeling his own crawfish at Crawfish Time on Ridge Road. I mean, peeling crawfish is tough for a grown adult to do sometimes. I had to share an update on Dawson’s crawfish peeling with you all. Dawson’s mom, Roz, shared video on her Facebook page of his progress in peeling the mud bugs. This time around, they were at Prejean’s on Valentine’s Day. Roz said in her post that her now 3-years-old cowboy has stepped up his crawfish eating skills.

Roz and Duson, Dawson’s parents, say they introduced Dawson to crawfish at the early age of 6 months in true Cajun fashion.

A fun fact about Dawson: He’s a miracle. His parents tried for years to have a child. They tried everything from In Vitro Fertilization, Artificial insemination, and even adoption. In 2017, a couple donated their embryo that was still remaining from their IVF to Roz and Duson LeBlanc. That’s when the little crawfish-eating cowboy came into the world.

Roz Abshire LeBlanc Facebook
Roz Abshire LeBlanc Facebook

For the original story from last year and to see the progress, click here.

Keep doin' your thing, lil cowboy!

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