According to reports, a man was arrested after he is believed to have been living in the attic of a Laccasine apartment. Authorities were called after the woman occupying the dwelling spotted the man dropping down from the attic into the apartment.

Unsplash via Peter Herrmann

Our media partners at KATC-TV3 reported that the Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff's Office arrested 33-year-old Gregory Bonnette on a charge of unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling.

The report goes on to say the woman living in the apartment was at home when the suspect dropped from that attic area down into the actual apartment. Once the suspect realized that someone was in the apartment, he fled.

Unsplash via Mike Baumeister

This is not Bonnette's first brush with the law, as the report says this was his twenty-first arrest.

The idea that someone could be living inside of your home without your knowledge is quite terrifying. Although there isn't any note in the report of the suspect doing anything harmful to the woman living in the apartment, the simple act of being present where you aren't wanted is more than enough to weird anyone out.

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But, how long could this guy have really lived in an attic? The suspect in this story just happened to jump down at the wrong time. I wonder how long he could have held out up there if he had a better grasp on the schedule of the person who lived there. Truly terrifying.

See the full report from @KATCTV3 on Twitter below.

WBRZ Channel 2 also featured the story, along with the suspect's mugshot, on Facebook below.

One of our Facebook commenters, Connor Hix, reminded us of a similar story with much more dangerous circumstances. CBS News reported the Baton Rouge arrest of Taylor Broussard, who was secretly living in his ex-girlfriend's attic and stalking her. Broussard eventually launched an attack on the woman, which led to him being booked with stalking and multiple domestic abuse charges.

The craziest part of that story was that the suspect had bedding, food, and water up in the attic. This showed that he had really set-up shop in his ex-girlfriend's attic. Just terrifying.

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