There are changes coming to the medical marijuana offerings in the state of Louisiana, and to the thousands of people in the state who suffer from chronic pain or other health issues, there will be much more relief available.

Most often when I hear about medical marijuana, I hear about people who desperately need pain relief or something to give them there appetite back. There are a plethora conditions that are treated with medical marijuana.

Now, The Apothecary Shoppe in Lafayette, will be carrying the state of Louisiana's new offerings of medical marijuana that have twice the power of the prior offerings.

The Apothecary Shoppe is Acadiana's one certified dispensary for medical marijuana. Their co-founder and pharmacist Eric Vidrine says it will give doctors and patients even more choices when it comes to their health needs.

Vidrine says,

We are excited about our CBD line because Apothecary Shoppe is the only place in our region where you can buy the Ilera product. And unlike CBD products you may find online or in a gas station, the CBD we carry meets ATC standards and state testing requirements, ensuring Acadiana customers are getting a pharmaceutical grade, tested product every time.

The pharmacy also announced this week that they are also going to be handling CBD that comes from the Ilera Holistic Healthcare, the company designated by Southern University as a product that can be sold through the state's nine sanctioned medical marijuana dispensaries.

The twice-the-concentration marijuana was approved through the state of Louisiana's Board of Pharmacy.


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