This is definitely not what Partners-N-Crime had in mind when they made the song "Catch the Wall."

It's a New Orleans saying that is the namesake of the 2001 club anthem from PNC, but a viral video is giving a brand new meaning to catching that proverbial wall. When I saw the video, I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

Was this man defying gravity? Was the spirit of bounce music taking over and allowing him to do the impossible? How was this man releasing his entire wiggle on a brick wall?

Instagram, Rashawn Bowie

A quick look at the area and it seems like this shakedown took place at the fountain on Riverfront Plaza in downtown Baton Rouge.


It's located on River Road across from the Cane's River Center and according to a few of my sources in Baton Rouge, sometimes DJs plug in and play music on the plaza.


Instagram user @rashawnbowie_ posted a reel saying something just told him to catch the wall as you can see the subject in the video literally dancing on the wall while infectious bounce beats are blaring in the background.

Perhaps, the best part of the video is the emcee chanting "Spider-Man" on the mic.

Obviously, it goes without saying that this is dangerous and definitely shouldn't be attempted (because walls, right?) but the video is already out and getting tons of looks (plus he seems to be a professional dancer), so here we are.

Commenters cheered on his wall catching antics.


As exciting as Rashawn looked doing his best Spider-Man impression, my suggestion is to keep catching walls on solid ground.

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