It's time that we accept the fact that Adele was made for the 504.

We know that New Orleans is one of the most soulful places on earth when it comes to music. Names like Louis Armstrong, Allen Touissant, the Neville Brothers, Dr. John, and Irma Thomas barely scratch the surface when it comes to the sound of the Big Easy.

Even the hip hop and rap that comes out of New Orleans is dripping with soul so it's no wonder that an artist like Adele seems to fit right in the pocket for a city with such an eclectic blend of musical roots.

This is why I think it's no accident that NOLA has gravitated toward the London-born pop star ever since we heard the 'Rolling In The Deep' bounce remix for the first time back in 2010.

The song was a banger on its own, but an entirely new audience was introduced to Adele after her voice was put on "that beat"—NOLA slang for instrumental bounce standards like The Showboys' "Drag Rap" (Trigger Man) or the "Brown Beat" which is a Cameron Paul-produced DJ edit of Derek B's "Rock The Beat."

Since we heard that instant bounce anthem, NOLA has bounced out Adele a few more times, including hits like 'Hello'—which actually got an entire cover version from popular New Orleans bounce artist YaBoyBigChoo.

After a few years off, Adele is back with a new single titled "Easy On Me."

I'm here to tell you that it took less than a week to flip her new single 'Easy On Me' into a bounce heater—just like this viral tweet predicted it would.

A producer by the name of Esquire wasted no time throwing that beat behind Adele's new song and it's been getting an insane amount of attention on social media.

People who already liked the song were even more excited when they heard the remix.

Especially this part.

I reached out to Esquire and he sent me the mix to play on air for all of you, so tune in for your chance to hear the remix in its entirety.

Since Esquire dropped his mix, legendary New Orleans producer BlaqNmilD also dropped a NOLA Bounce rework of "Easy On Me" featuring YaBoyBigChoo, and it's also a banger.

If those remixes aren't enough, check out these other alternate versions of Adele's new song, and tell us what you think about them.

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