CHICAGO (AP) — A government survey suggests the notion of the detached dad is increasingly outdated in the U.S.

Of the fathers surveyed, most who live with their children say they're heavily-involved, hands-on parents. Among those with children younger than 5, 90 percent say they bathe their children, change diapers, help them use the toilet or get dressed at least several times weekly. About 2 out of 3 say they read to their kids at least several times a week.

Among dads with children 5-18, more than 90 percent eat meals with them at least several times a week and talk with their kids about what's happening during their day. About half the dads take their kids to or from activities several times a week, while 2 out of 3 help with homework.

Researcher Jo Jones of the National Center for Health Statistics says the results are encouraging and important "because others have found the more involved dads are, the better the outcomes for their children."

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