It's supposed to be a night of fun. A place to escape the ordinary day to day struggles of life and get lost in a story. Going to the movies has long been held as a very special pastime for Americans. Recent events in Colorado and now more recently in Lafayette have shattered that illusion of escape for many moviegoers.

In fact, the recent shootings at a Lafayette movie theater have re-energized the debate over whether movie theaters should have metal detectors.

State Representative Barbra Norton who represents constituents in the Shreveport area says she has plans to introduce legislation that would require metal detectors at all movie theaters.

I feel that it's a sad day in America when we, as parents or grandparents, cannot feel safe in the movie.

Norton's comments reported by the Louisiana Radio Network have met with some disagreement. Some argue that the cost associated with scanning patrons at theaters would significantly affect the cost of tickets and affect the movie going experience by creating longer lines.  Norton's rebuttal to that kind of criticism.

You want to tell me that, if my safety is in question, I'm going to have a concern about standing in line for 10 or 15 minutes to make sure that I'm safe.  I don't think so.

Norton also suggested that the cost of a hand held metal detecting wand is about $50. She also said her research showed that walk through models can cost up to two thousand dollars. She believes it's a small price to pay for safety and peace of mind.

Norton is up for re-election this fall and should she earn the favor of voters in her district she plans to present this legislation to other lawmakers for consideration during the next session.