The above YouTube video from 2011 was taken inside Clint's Comics in Monroe Louisiana. The owner of the business, Clint Thomas, a current candidate for Sheriff of Ouachita Parish and five time candidate for Mayor of Monroe, has died.

Authorities say the perennial candidate for public office was discovered dead inside his home on Saturday. Thomas was the only person on the ballot for the upcoming October election to challenge incumbent Sheriff Jay Russell.

Thomas was a well known character in the Monroe area. His frequent runs for public office and his comic book store, Clint's Comics, located very near the University of Louisiana at Monroe, made him kind of a folk hero.

Thomas was not a politician. He even billed himself as an anti-politician. He would not take any political donations because he felt that money corrupted politicians. In a recent political forum where his candidacy for sheriff was being discussed, he suggested that voters might vote for him because they liked him and didn't like the incumbent.

Funeral arrangements for Thomas are being handled through Mulhern Funeral Home. At this time arrangements were not complete.