Just like its sister store in Lake Charles, Mr Gatti's Pizza in Sulphur took a lick during the hurricanes and freeze. Like most places, it took two steps forward and two steps back. Just recently, Mr Gatti's in Lake Charles opened its doors with open arms, happy to be back and serving the area. Now it seems as though it's time for the Sulphur store to do the exact same thing.

They began posting in August that they would be returning soon, and in September they started advertising that they were indeed hiring! Impatient pizza fans began blowing up their Facebook Page, asking over and over when they would actually be opening up.

Luckily, we don't have to wait any longer! One person in a local Sulphur Facebook group went ahead and called Gatti's in Sulphur to get to the bottom of the situation. Indeed, the rumours were true. She verified with them that they did indeed intend on opening up Mid-October! Under that post, another commenter stated that they were actually hoping for an October 18 opening date. Now, she did quickly say that was a hopeful date, and not to hold them to the fire if it doesn't indeed happen.

Mr. Gattis Pizza Sulphur

Gatti's showed off pictures of their renovated buffet, dining, and Gattiland areas. Just like the Lake Charles location, it all got a facelift. Gattiland even got in upgraded and super fancy games in its area too! Let's hope they can nail that opening date and get back to serving Sulphur some pizza!

Mr. Gattis Pizza Sulphur

I always have to giggle when I think about eating Gatti's pizza. For some reason when I was younger, I always thought rich people ate Gatti's. I would go over to a buddy of mine's house and we would swim in his pool. For lunch, his mom would order us Gatti's pepperoni pizza. As I said, they HAD to have been rich. You can't tell me that there is a better combo out there than chlorinated water dripping onto your pepperoni Gatti's pizza as you eat wrapped up in a towel around a glass table by a pool.


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