Often times, the NCAA can't get out of its own way.

For instance, earlier today when reports surfaced the NCAA ruled Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence's GoFundMe Campaign (which he started with his girlfriend Marissa Mowrey) to help raise money for victims of the coronavirus was an NCAA violation.

NCAA rules that forbid using an athlete’s name, image and likeness for crowdfunding.

In unprecedented times like the present, with coronavirus impacting the entire world, the NCAA has done something extremely rare. They've adjusted to the situation.

Lawrence and Mowrey's fundraiser is back in full force, as the NCAA released a statement tonight denying they specifically asked Lawrence and Mowry to take down the GoFundMe campaign.

"The NCAA did not ask Trevor Lawrence to take down his fundraiser for COVID-19 patients and their families," the NCAA said in the statement. "We continue to work with member schools so they have the flexibility to ensure that student-athletes and communities impacted by this illness are supported, and we applaud Trevor for his efforts."

I've been ultra-critical of the NCAA. On my show today, I ripped them for reportedly forcing Lawrence and Mowry (a soccer player at Anderson University) to take down their fundraising campaign if they wanted to keep their NCAA eligibility.

I will now applaud the NCAA for actually being flexible, and encouraging student-athletes to use their platform in an effort to help coronavirus victims.

If you would like to support Lawrence and Mowry's noble fundraiser, click here.

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